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where it all began

For over two decades, I served in the US Navy. In that time, it was an honor to work alongside people from across the globe.


My service included various senior leadership roles, with my responsibilities extending to numerous operations, among them, Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan; up until my retirement in 2017. Over the years, I have had the privilege to lead, coach, mentor, and foster the growth of thousands of people.


Now, I'm eager to continue my journey of service, and I'm ready to do so for you. I'm here to bring my extensive experience and dedication to your benefit.

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Post retirement, I spent 17 months traveling the world experiencing how other cultures approached learning, specifically, how they viewed personal betterment. 


Awarded two Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medals for works with numerous local organizations.

Holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership


Holds the ICF PCC credential


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step One and Two Certified.

Certified Hogan Assessment provider

a little more about me

and Finally


Throughout my professional journey, my focus has always been on continual learning and fostering leadership growth. I have been entrusted with the task of enhancing organizational development, a challenge I tackled by guiding strategic development teams through initiatives designed to translate "learning into action". By delving into the intricacies of the workforce and understanding employees' experiences, I've come to realize that acknowledging individual personalities, organizational subcultures, and workplace expectations can both create obstacles and pave the way for successful change. As a response to the evolving demands of the workplace, I've harnessed my academic knowledge and practical experiences to bolster the organizational capacities of both internal divisions and external collaborators.


In essence, my guiding principle is to ""to surpass my yesterday's self today". With this ethos, I view coaching as an experiential journey. This perspective has empowered me to lead diverse teams effectively, utilize adult learning strategies and applications, develop impactful workshops, and smoothly navigate functional workplace realignments. My success in collaboration across various levels of leadership boosts my confidence in my ability to be a valuable asset for you and your team.

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